Sustainability & Transparency

As a company founded on the principles of vulnerability we understand how vulnerable mother nature is. Our aim as a business is therefore to operate sustainably and consciously, reducing unnecessary waste and sharing information with you, our valued clients, on how you as well can help in championing a sustainable lifestyle.  

Fashion has a higher environmental cost than what meets the eye. Before we talk  about the carbon emissions involved in production and transportation of your beloved garments, to put things into perspective, we will focus on the global water footprint. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) states that it can take up to 2,700 litres of water to produce a single T-shirt. 

It is our responsibility as a brand to be transparent and to conduct business in an ethical manner, however, as a start up and an infant business, we cannot do this without you. The main reason behind this being that, although production and delivery of your fashion pieces takes large sums of energy, the most energy used occurs when you care for your products. It takes roughly 150 litres of water per each load of washing and 5 times the amount of energy to dry a single load. Therefore, we urge you to be conscious customers and we ask that you partner with us to live a sustainable lifestyle. 

In an effort to be sustainable, most of our products will be 100% cotton, making them recyclable and therefore reducing landfill waste and the strain on the environment. Additionally, all elements of our packaging are either compostable or recyclable.  Moreover, we have small quantity releases per collection and thereafter, all sales will be by order. This is done so that we can sustainably exist as we avoid dead stock that we otherwise would have had to either burn or bin. 

We are open to any ideas of how we can increase our levels of sustainability.