The Loverboy Concept

Modern youth culture portrays showing affection and stating your true intentions, as weakness, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, it takes courage to be vulnerable, to show your true self, to be free.
Embrace both your inner masculine and feminine energy, however do not attach yourself to either of them. Simply be. Live from your heart's centre. Live fearlessly and love so, wear your heart on your sleeve. 
However, do not reduce yourself to the new age wimp who spinelessly wonders the streets, unaware of his worth. Nonetheless, this is not to say be the scared bully who boasts himself as Huncho, ruler of the earth.
You are not savage nor do you belong to the streets, so quit aspiring to be another ‘product of the streets.’ Be vulnerable, reveal your true self, express your emotions, live with passion and embrace yourself for who you are.