To be vulnerable is to be free

Modern society tried to fool us into believing that we are all the same, but the truth could not be farther from it. You and I are individuals. Individuals with different struggles, strengths, opportunities and circumstances. Ultimately, you are the centre of your universe as I am the centre of mine.

Each one of us comes from a different background where we had unique experiences that shaped our perspectives and purpose. Yet we live in constant fear of not fitting in because ultimately our biggest desire is to belong. We digress from our true selves in an effort to impress those around us, clinging desperately to the hope that they accept us, but the more we try, the unhappier we feel until we find ourselves feeling lonely in a room full of "friends". 

A lot of us find ourselves in friend groups that we feel trapped by because of the familiarity of the known, which becomes our comfort zone. One we don't dare to venture beyond as we fear being alone and not belonging - creating a vicious cycle that has found a large number of the youth depressed and on the brink of suicide.

Ultimately as humans we thrive on connection to others, however true human connection is founded upon authenticity and vulnerability, which like fire and smoke - cannot exist without the each other. 

We created Barebanannas to inspire you to experience the freedom and joy that comes with fostering true human connection. However, this can only be achieved by adopting a lifestyle of vulnerability and authenticity. Vulnerability is not weakness, it is being courageous enough to show who you really are. Thus, allowing you to attract that which is truly meant for you and those who will value you, for the real you.

Be brave, embrace your true self, be vulnerable, let yourself be seen - be free.