Authenticity is Key

Authenticity is Key

These days, we are constantly being told what to do and often even how to do it. Society dictates how we must live, relate, and even what is fashionable and what is not each season, and we conform - all in an effort to fit in, but at what cost?

These unwritten rules and expectations have slowly taken over our lives and have ultimately started to control us. We are so surrounded by them that we don’t even notice it anymore. What ever happened to being real, to just being yourself? Have we traded authenticity and individuality all to fit in into a larger collective, blending in and watering the fire that once drove us forward as humanity? 

Have we become so busy with trying to fit in that we have forgotten who we are? Conformity is the death of authenticity and eventually, it gets tiring; pretending to be something that you are not. It is time to let your mind relax and your soul breathe. Life is too short to let society govern your existence.

It is estimated that you had a one in a 400 trillion chance of being born. You are all extremely lucky to be here and no matter what anybody says you are beautiful in a very unique way. Be brave and embrace your true identity. Why seek to fit in when you can stand out simply by being you? Look inward, ask yourself who you really are and who you want to be. That is the identity the world deserves to see and if people don't like it, fuck them, fuck the society and the rules they created to live by. Be you no matter how weird or different they make you feel/look. Your power lies within. 

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