To Be Free

To Be Free

Society always came with a set of rules and expectations. We are expected to act appropriately to ensure the smooth progress society. Just follow the rules and you won’t get in trouble they say. But, what about freedom? Were we put on this earth just to follow orders and do someone else’s bidding? The 21st century seems to be filled with nothing but rules, regulations and restrictions.

The list seems to be getting longer and longer as the days go by. Many would argue that rules are absolutely necessary to keep people in check and society intact. I find rules extremely stifling; I dislike being told what I can and cannot do. Life is so much more than just following orders and sticking to the status quo. Life should be about roaming around freely and making interesting choices. Freedom is one of the most important aspects of the human experience. 

I simply wake up every day and do whatever I like. As I look into the mirror each morning, I ask myself what I feel like doing and then I do it without second guessing. Thinking about what is allowed or even what is accepted just limits you. Maybe things don’t work out or maybe you get into a little trouble now and then, but at least you tried. That is a lot more than most people can say. So, go ahead, break some rules and live your life. This is how I live. You should try it too.

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